Bookkeeping & Accounting

We can help with so much more than annual tax preparation. We can also provide full-service bookkeeping & accounting support to our small business clients. Our bookkeeping & accounting support ranges from business account balancing to preparing detailed monthly and/or quarterly financial statements that are often required to obtain business or personal financing.

With software programs like Quickbooks, we can not only balance your business account, but also provide you with month-to-month analyses of your business operation. This valuable information can alert you to positive trends as well as potential “trouble spots,” and can be instrumental in formulating ongoing strategies to reduce your operational costs and increase your profit margins.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation for small businesses can be complicated and involved, and can be very different from individual tax filing. Our 16+ years of experience gives you every advantage in an industry where experience is critical. We use a state-of-the-art tax preparation system, Thomson Reuters Ultratax CS, to further ensure that we’ve covered all the bases.

We keep up-to-date on changes in the tax laws and will alert you to any issues that may have ramifications for your small business. We can assist you in filing commercial activity or sales and use tax returns, as well as provide support for you in estimated tax planning and strategies, review and amendment of prior-year returns, and representation in the event of an audit.

Bill Pay Services

As a small business owner, you may have a host of third-party vendors that you need to track and pay each month, such as office rentals, utilities, supplies, etc. It can become very time-consuming to track multiple invoice due dates and amounts, in addition to your day-to-day responsibilities as a business owner. If payments are missed or submitted late, late fees and/or cancellation of necessary services may occur. We can coordinate your bill pay needs on your behalf. We track invoice due dates, and monitor invoiced amounts to ensure consistency from month to month. If we notice anything unusual, we will notify you, and even investigate with the service provider on your behalf. We pay the vendor on your behalf, from an account that you specify.

Worry-Free Payroll

When it comes to payroll processing, our involvement can be as basic or full-service as you need it to be. Many payroll service providers simply perform data-entry based on the work hours information they receive from their clients. We use a more well-rounded approach to handle payroll preparation and timely filing of payroll tax forms for our small business clients.

Payroll tasks that we perform include:

  • Calculating retirement withholdings or remitting child support on your behalf
  • Printing and mailing of employee checks
  • Direct deposits
  • Electronically paying taxes and filing tax forms on you behalf
  • Preparing current and year-to-date reports for the business owner
  • Preparing quarterly payroll tax forms and user-friendly instructions for form completion
  • Preparing end-of-year W-2 and/or 1099 forms
  • Filing any necessary year-end reconciliation reports with each government agency
  • Payroll tax audit representation


If you are looking for advice on small business set-up, accounting practices, or tax planning, give us a call. We welcome questions from our small business clients, and we’re thrilled when our clients get positive bottom-line results. You can be confident that our answers are supported by extensive research and experience. You can also trust that your question will be answered by an experienced tax professional.

Start-up Advice
We can answer your questions about starting a new small business, including forms/filings that are required for new businesses, possible costs involved, tax implications, and type of business entity to select.

As a Certified Quickbooks Advisor, we provide expert advice on how to set up Quickbooks to manage your small business accounting, and/or clean up your existing Quickbooks file.

HR Concerns
We can provide advice relating to personnel issues, new-hire reporting, and performance reviews.

Insurance and Benefits
It can be difficult to find the right insurance plan for your small business. We can help you evaluate a plan that is at your price point and provides the coverage that you need. We can also help you choose the right retirement plan for your needs, something that small business owners sometimes inadvertently overlook.

Workers’ Compensation/State Unemployment
We can assist you with evaluating workers’ compensation plans (including performing an initial Workers’ Compensation Group Rating analysis for possible cost savings) and/or unemployment claims, on an as-needed basis.

And if questions come up that we can’t answer, we are happy to refer you to another trusted resource. Our extensive network of small business experts includes business bankers, financial planners, attorneys, and other professional resources who can provide you with the additional support that you need.

It's nice to know that we will always be greeted with a "smiling voice" when we call."
~ Kevin C.